Custom theming / Cusotm Template Integration in Magento

Magento provides very good User interface which is compatible to all the browser, If you do not want to use the default Magento template and want to integrate custom HTML page in it. For custom theming in Magento follow the steps given below:

Step 1 : Go to the app -> design -> frontend -> Copy the base folder
Step 2 : Go to the app -> design -> frontend -> default Paste it over here and change the base folder name regarding to your site. Suppose I have copied the base folder and Pasted it over here and Rename it as “test” Refer the screenshot

Step 3 : Login to the Admin panel and Go to the System -> Configuration -> Design (Left Sidebar Under Configuration) Refer the screenshot

Step 4 : Click on the Themes tab on the Right Side here you will find the Translations,Templates,Skin (Images / CSS),Layout and Default.
Step 5 : Fill the Skin (Images / CSS),Layout and Default fields with your theme name as I have taken it “test” Refer the Screenshot

Step 6 : Click to “Save Config” on the Top Right and Refresh your Cache and check it on the Front end now your new template loaded.
Step 7 : Now Go to the your test folder in app -> design -> frontend -> default and Start theming/Integrating your custom HTML, Now you will be able to Integrate your template without editing the Magento theme files.