Activate Google Site Map in OpenCart

In OpenCart you can add Google Site Map through the admin without editing the core code file. For this you will already need to have a Google Webmaster Tools account, or for the Google Webmaster tool you can get it here by clicking it Google Webmaster. For fetching the URL to your Google Site Map, it is very easy just follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Login to your Opencart website
Step 2. Navigate to the Extensions –> Product Feeds Click to Install Google Sitemap

Step 3. Click on the Edit and change the Status Enabled and Copy the Data Feed URL and Save

Step 4. Now login to the Google Webmaster tools account and choose the website for which you want to add the site map.
Step 5. Click on the Site Configuration in the left Menu and then select the Sitemaps and Paste Google Site Map URL here and click on the Submit Sitemap.

Now you have successfully submitted the your Opencart store in the Google.