Opencart store in multiple/multi language

The default language of the Opencart is English, English is most widely used language in the World, so almost all the cms are in English. In Opencart there is the functionality to run the store in Multiple language or you can run your store in any other language. It is very simple and there is the settings in admin panel by using it you can add multiple language in Opencart. In this post I am trying to describe how you can do it, just follow the steps given below and run your store in Multiple language.

Step 1: Download the Language pack from the link given here Click to download. or Navigate to Opencart Official site and search for the translation you need for your site.

Step 2: After downloading the Archive Extract it on your computer.

Step 3: Now upload all the folder/files in the admin/language and catalog/language of Opencart by using the FTP.

Step 4: Login to your Store admin panel and Navigate to System > Localisation > Click on the Languages you will see all store Language listing here.
Opencart Multilingual

Step 5: Now click on the + button on the top right and you will see the language settig form, fill all the form field i.e. Language Name, Code, Locale, image,
Directory, Status and Sort Order and click to save button.
Opencart Multilingual

Step 6: Now you will see the Lanuage listed here on this page.
Opencart Multilingual

Step 7: Check your Store admin panel and you will see the new language every where in the store.
Opencart Multilingual

Step 8: Check your website frontend and you will see the Langage Dropdwon with the added language

Opencart Multilingual

Hope it helps and if you need the professional Opencart Development we can help you, just Click on the Link and send me your requirements.

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