How to change default frontend/backend language in Opencart?

Suppose you are running Opencart store in the Multilanguage and you need to change your default frontend language from English to any other language, It is very simple and you can do it just by the steps given below:

Step 1. It is Important to know, How to Run Opencart store in Multiple Language Check the link Opencart store in multiple/multi language. Now Login to the Opencart admin.

Step 2. Navigate to the System > Localisation > and click to the Languages, Here you will see the language listing on the store and it will show the “Default”
Text infront of the Default language of the Store.

Step 3. Now Navigate to the System > Click on the Settings here you will see the Store listing click to Edit the store and Click on the Local Tab, Here you will see the Language (For Frontend) and Administration Language for the admin language you will see all the listed language in the dropdown, Select the language on which you want to run your store front as well as the backend.

Opencart Admin

Step 4. Clear your browser cache and navigate to the store front as well as the backend, you will see the store in your language.

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