Why to avoid dynamic URL’s and prefer static URLs?

There are two type of URL's : One is Static URL's and the other one is dynamic URL's. If you are going to do SEO for a website, than it is important for you to understand the difference between both these URL's as it is the basis analysis part of SEO.

Static URL’s : Static URL’s are those urls that never change, so these urls doesn’t contain any parameters like ?, –, & and many more.Simple example of static urls : http://www.abc.com/about-us.com

Dynamic URLs : If the content of a website is stored in a database and pulled for display on demand, than the url which generate is known as dynamic URL. These type of urls basically contain some parameters like ?, =, & etc. Example of dynamic website:


Dynamic urls have the disadvantage that different urls can have the same content and it might lead the problem of copy right. That’s the one reason of avoiding the dynamic urls and preferring the static urls.

Moreover, static urls are user friendly urls. It is easy for the users to read the urls and come to know what that page is all about. But this is nothing with the case of dynamic urls.