Rules for Creating a Variable in JavaScript

Hello Everyone in this post I am going to tell the basic rule which should be kept in mind before creating variables. This rules are almost same for php and other programing languages

In JavaScript, a variable can be created like this
var variableName,
in which var is a JavaScript keyword for creating a variable followed by variable name.
But there are a few simple rules which should be kept in mind before creating variables those rule are as follows:

1.Variable names must begin with a letter, $, or _ :-

In simple words variable name should not begin with number or any punctuation: except $ and _. but we may put number at other place except at beginning eg var car and car2 both are valid variable.


2.Variable names can only contain letters, numbers, $, and _.

Variable name can’t have space or special character such as !#%^& except $ and _


3.Variable names are case-sensitive.

Variable names are case-sensitive means variable var car and var CAR are different and they may have different-different values.


4.Avoid keywords.

Some words in JavaScript are keyword such as var which are used to create variable so these keyword should not be used to create variables


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