What is the difference Between JavaScript and JQuery

In this Post I am going to make you clear about what is JavaScript and Jquery, How they are different from each other and why do we use both of them

Most of you might be confused that what is JavaScript and what is jQuery and how they are related to each other.

JavaScript is a client site Scripting language that let you make your website interactive and jQuery is a library of predefined function(methods) of JavaScript which are created for our ease we can use these library function anytime anywhere in the program just by adding jQuery and calling these function by using . (dot) in between selectors. without JavaScript jQuery can’t exist.

jQuery has many predefined method such as .hidden(), .show(), .fade() and many more which are very commonly used in webpages to make it interactive and user friendly. The purpose of using jQuery is to take more output by writing less codes

jQuery also provides us various shortcuts for e.g. In JavaScript selector we use document.getElementById(“idname”) to select the element with id as idname but in case of jQuery select we can select just by using $(‘#idname’). For Selecting by Tag name in JavaScript we us document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’) but with jQuery we can select like this $(‘a’); jQuery has many more type of selector like selecting element by classname $(‘.classname’) and many more.

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