Magento Translation/Magento In Other Language

Some times if we want to implement the magento in other language Here are Steps/methods of translating Magento into a different locale/language. 1. The inline translation method uses the inline translation tool and allows you to edit the pages on a Magento Demo site. For Inline translation Follow these steps

a. You have to go to System -> Configuration
b. In the top left there is a box named “Current Configuration Scope” which has a drop down. From that drop down, choose your store view name. By default it is last option in the drop down i.e Default Store View option.
d. After this go to Advanced -> Developer->Translate Inline And here make Enabled for Frontend = “Yes”.

Please follow the Screenshots

1.Translate Inline Backend

Translate Inline Frontend

Translate Inline After Click on front end

2. The Full String list method allows you to translate the text per module, without needing to go through the pages on a Magento site.
3. For the whole website translation you can use CSV files to translate the text by module. The moderator will then be able to upload the files. This method does not share the same database as the first two until the files are uploaded by the moderator. You can download the different locale/language file from Here
Step 1: Download the zip folder from here
Step 2: Unzip and upload all the files in the appropriate folder like app/design/frontend/default/default/locale/ and app/locale/
Step 3: Go to the System -> Configuration –> General and Select the Locale from the dropdown Check the Screenshot LocaleOptions.png,
Step 4: Refresh the cache and Reindex the data.
Step 5: That’s all. You are done. Now, go to the frontend and you will see the magento in your own language.