Install Sample Data In Magento

If you are thinking about to start working on the Magento then think about the Sample data provided by the Magento,because if you will Install the Magento it will provide you only the blank template and there will be no any Category and products Remember that, Sample Data must be installed prior to the basic Magento Installation. You can install the sample data in few steps given below:

Step 1 : Download New version of the Sample Data zip file from Magento Website or Click here for download
Step 2 : Extract the zip file, It will contains a mysql file and a folder with the products images named as media.
Step 3 : Import sample data sql file into your magento database.
Step 4 : Replace the old media folder with the new media folder downloaded with the Sample data and change the folder permission 755 or 777,In the root of your Magento installation.
Step 5 : Now go to your admin panel and Refresh the Cache and Reindexed the Data, Remember that app/etc, var, and media folders are writable. They should be writable. Change their CHMOD to 777.
Step 6 : Now Go to the front end here you will see all the data as well as the categories also.