How to Reset sort order on new search in Magento?

Today one of the my client has sent a new problem in his Magento Store, He has the problem with the sort order of the product in new search. In the Magento search it remembers the Sort By Order selected by the user on the new search. Let me explain the problem here visit your Magento Store and make a search and on the search result page click on the Sort By Position or Name or Price, Suppose you have selected the Sort By Price in Descending Order, and now make a new search and analyze the search result it will display all the products Sorted by the Price in Descending Order Although the default might be relevance. Where as whenever you are making a new search it should display the products with the default sort by options. In this post I am trying to describe how to get rid of such kind of problem, it is very easy just follow the steps given below:

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Step 1: Navigate to the app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalogsearch/ if you are using the default Magento and if you are using your custom template navigate to the app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalogsearch/ and search for the

Step 2: Now Open this file in your favourite editor.
Step 3: Now Search for the starting form tag.
Step 4: Add the code just below to the form tag

<input type="hidden" name="dir" value="desc" />
<input type="hidden" name="order" value="relevance" />

So whenever user will use the quick search, it will show the data by default sort by descending relevance.

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