How to Reset admin Password in Magento?

Suppose you have lost your Magento admin password and can not access the admin, Don't worry about getting the password, In this post I am trying to describe how to get/reset the admin password

Method 1. By the admin panel login url

Step 1. Just open your backend or admin by using admin url just like as
Step 2. Click on the Forgot your password? links, it will redirect you to the new page fill your email address and reset your admin password from there.

See the screenshot below:

Forget Pass

Forget Pass-2

Method 2. Reset your password using the database

Changing password in Magento by using the database is very easy. Just open your database by using the phpMyAdmin and search for the “admin_user” table, here you will see a row, with your admin username. First of all deside two things
1. Password (Your New Password)
2. Salt (any 2 letter word)

In My case I am taking the new password as “admin@2013” and the two letter salt is “AB” Now Click on this links md5 generator site In My case the generated code is “777cf197ed03fa70867b182f5fff57fd” and then the whole password will be
777cf197ed03fa70867b182f5fff57fd:AB” In the password column, put in the md5:salt i.e in my case “777cf197ed03fa70867b182f5fff57fd:AB” and then save the changes. Now you should be able to login with your new password through admin.

Enjoy and share it, Happy coding..