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Blank Cart and Checkout page problem in Magento

I have team of 8-10 people working in the Magento for beginner to expert level of the project, one of my team member was stucking on the Blank Cart and Checkout page problem. The problem was when

Your web server is configured incorrectly. As a result, configuration files with sensitive information are accessible from the outside. Please contact your hosting provider alert message in Magento admin

It is most common problem of the Magento but it is very dangerous, if there is any alert message is coming in the admin, it means anyone can access the database credentials of your Magento store from

SEO Friendly Url In Opencart

Url rewriting is very important for the website and it is good for the SEO. As we know the url having the query string i.e. ?index=2&pid=15 is not good for the SEO and url like this is

How to disable APC Cache via .htaccess file in Magento

APC Cache is used to increase the Magento performance but remember that, use APC cache when the website is on the production mode, Today I have received a request for some changes into the footer of the

Solve Leverage Browser Caching problem in WordPress via .htaccess

Everyone should always looking for the options to improve the Page Load speed of blogs or website. The easiest way in Wordpress is to improve the page load of blog or website is the leverage browser caching.