Solve Leverage Browser Caching problem in WordPress via .htaccess

Everyone should always looking for the options to improve the Page Load speed of blogs or website. The easiest way in Wordpress is to improve the page load of blog or website is the leverage browser caching. It is very important to solve the leverage browser caching problem on

Display login form anywhere with wp_login_form In WordPress.

Suppose you want to display a login form to customize your wordpress themes, it is very simple and you can do it by adding wp_login_form() function to your custom theme. Just follow the steps given below and display the custom login form where you want.

Disable notices and warnings In WordPress.

In Worpress if you want to disable the php notices and warnings, its very simple and you can disable it by using the code below:

Get Database Table Column Names In WordPress.

Some times we need to get the column names for a MySQL database table in WordPress,Here in this post i am describing how to do this. It is very simple, suppose you want to get the column name for the post code is given below:

Optimizing 404 Page Not Found In WordPress.

In the Wordpress 404 page contains one or two sentence saying that the page is not found. But you can make it more user friendly by adding the Images and the new text on this page. You can display archive list and a search form on this page. In

Set Custom Page Title In WordPress.

Suppose you have created a plugin in wordress and wants to display your own custom page title for this page, it is very simple and you can do this by using the syntax below:

Solution for the “Fatal Error: Allowed Memory Size” In WordPress.

In WordPress plugins are the blessing and it is very use full to enhance the functionality of the WordPress, but remember that using of the more numbers of the plugin can cause problem with a website. This can slow website performance or error messages. One common error message experienced

Exclude Pages from the menu In WordPress.

In WordPress, when we are Implementing the custom HTML into the WordPress, Suppose we have created the pages and don't want to display it in the menu. For this we can pass the one parameter named as exclude into the wp_list_pages function,