PHP array_​pop Function

array_​pop () is a prebuilt / default array function of PHP, This function is basically allows user to delete the last element of any existing array. By using this function user can short the array by one element

Syntax of array_pop () :


array (Required) – element is required and it specifies an array.

Return Value :
it will return the last value of array. If will through error if array is empty. and if its not an array it will return NULL.

Example 1 :

     $watches = array("Rolex", "Omega", "Tuder", "Panerai", "Cartier");  
     $watch_new = array_pop($watches);  

Output will be : Cartier

Example 2 : With Simple array.

     $watches = array("Rolex", "Omega", "Tuder", "Panerai", "Cartier");  

Output will be :

  [0] => Rolex 
  [1] => Omega 
  [2] => Tuder 
  [3] => Panerai 

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