Index Management In Magento 2

As we know the indexing of the Magento plays very important role to run the Magento store properly. I have started working on the Magento 2 and Created one Sample product and just testing the whole functionality of the Magento 2, I have added the product into the cart, checkout and completed the order, now when trying to see that order into the admin it is showing no recent order, so that I have deleted the cache and tried again but still showing the same message. After doing some research, I have decided to do the reindexing. In Magento 2, It is very easy and you can do it from the admin panel as well as from the SSH :

Step 1: Login to the admin panel of the Store

Step 2: Now Click on the System > Index Management Tab From the left menu.

Step 3: Now you will see the Index Management Screen as per the screenshot given below:

Step 4: From the Dropdown in the left most corner just select the action which you want

Step 5: After selection the action it will just look like as given below

How to reindex Magento 2 data via SSH

In the older version of the Magento the index management is dependent on the indexer.php file which is under the shell folder, but in the Magento 2, there is no indexer.php file now it is managed by the bin/magento.

sudo bin/magento indexer:status
sudo bin/magento indexer:info
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex //It will Reindexes all the indexes

1. For Checking the indexer status just use the below command:
sudo bin/magento indexer:status

2. For Checking the indexer info just use the below command:
sudo bin/magento indexer:info

info Status

3. For Reindexes all the indexes:
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex //It will Reindexes all the indexes


you can run the Single index process as it will take less time in comparission to the Reindexes All the indexer, Find the code below:

customer_grid                //Customer Grid
catalog_category_product     //Category Products
catalog_product_category     //Product Categories
catalog_product_price        //Product Price
catalog_product_attribute    //Product EAV
cataloginventory_stock       //Stock
catalogrule_rule     		 //Catalog Rule Product
catalogrule_product          //Catalog Product Rule
catalogsearch_fulltext       //Catalog Search

By this you can run single indexer process as well, suppose you wants only to process Product EAV index then use the following command:

sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalog_product_attribute //It will Reindexes Category Products indexes

You can also run the individual indexing as given below for others:

sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex customer_grid  //It will Reindexes Customer Grid indexes
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalog_category_product  //It will Reindexes Category Products indexes
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalog_product_category  //It will Reindexes Product Categories indexes
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalog_product_attribute  //It will Reindexes Product EAV indexes
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalogrule_rule  //It will Reindexes Catalog Rule Product indexes
sudo bin/magento indexer:reindex catalogrule_product  //It will Reindexes Catalog Product Rule indexes

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