How to enable remember me option in Magento?

Remember Me Option is a very important functionality of the website it provides the facility to Remember the user on the same system, so that there is no need to put the credentials again and again on the same system, Remember me option in Magento is by default, but it is not enabled by default, if you want to enable it in Magento, it will display "Remember Me" checkbox on the login page.

By default Magento login page will look like as the image below:

Enabling Remember Me Options in Magento is very simple and you can do it just by following the steps given below:

Step 1. Login in to the Magento admin and navigate to the System > Configuration > Click on the Persistent Shopping Cart under the Customers Menu in the Left Sidebar.
Step 2. Here you will see The General Options of the Persistent Shopping cart Just Select “Yes” To Enable Persistence, by default it is “No”.
Step 3. Now you will see the Enable Remember Me option Select it “Yes” just like as the image given below.

admin settings for remember me

Now Refresh your Magento login page and you will see the Remember me Checkbox as per the image given below.

Remember Me Option on Login Page

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