Enabling/Disabling Extension In Magento

Magento provides very extensive functionality with the good admin interface. Extension are the code unit by which we expand the Magento functionality. It is very easy and good to use of the extension into the Magento, but some times if you have used many numbers of the extension then they are conflicting to each other and it requires to disable the extension. Suppose you have installed an Extension and it is conflicting to any other extension and you want to Disable this one, it is very easy you can Disable or Enable any extension through the Magento admin as well as Manually.

Enabling/Disabling Extension In Magento thru admin panel

Step 1. Login to your Magento admin panel
Step 2. Navigate to the System ==> Configuration ==> Click on the Advanced (Extreme below in the left sidebar).
Step 3. Here you will see all the listed Magento Extension with the Status.
Step 4. Search for your Extension and Change the Status. Enable Or Disable and click to Save Config button.


You have done, now your Extension is Enable/Disable as you wish.

Enabling/Disabling Extension Manually In Magento

The another way to Enable/Disable the Extension is Manual for this you have to navigate to the files of the particular Extension which you want to Enable/Disable. Suppose here my extension name is the “Bannerslider” then it will create the Bannerslider.xml file into the app/etc/modules. Open this file into the editor of your choice and it will look like as below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <self_name>Banner Slider</self_name>

Search for the tag and change the status true/false.

Refresh your cache and check the Extension Status.
You have done,
Hope this will be helpful, Enjoy the coding..