Create a copy of a Database by using the phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is very powerful free tool written in PHP to handle the administration of the MySQL. It provides very good GUI to manage the databases, database operations like create, delete, alter databases as well as create, delete alter tables, columns, indexes, users and many more. Copy of a database is also a predefined functionality of the phpMyAdmin, it is very simple and you can create a copy of database by using the phpMyAdmin. In this post I am trying to describe how you can create the copy or duplicate a database by using the phpMyAdmin?

Steps are given below:

Step 1: Login to the Database by using the phpMyAdmin (I am considering that you have installed phpMyAdmin on the server).

Step 2: Select the database for which you want to create a copy or want to duplicate.

In the screenshot I want to create the copy of the database “wptest”.


Step 3: After the selection of the database select/click on the Operations tab top of the database as per the given screenshot given below.


Step 4:
Now Scroll down the section and look for the heading “Copy database to:” as per the given screenshot given below.


Step 5: Type in the name of the new database as I have provided the name here “wptest_dump” and Select “structure and data” to copy everything or you can
select “Structure only” if you want the columns but not the data of the database tables and check for the “CREATE DATABASE before copying” and check the
“Add AUTO_INCREMENT value” as well and press to the Go Button as per the screenshot given below:


Now click on the Home icon and you will be able to see your new database listed in the left column, you can check the database all things will be there
as in the old one.


Hope it helps, Thanks for reading.