3 Tips for Making Money Online

As new websites and content management platforms become more accessible to the average user, many are looking to sell their products in online marketplaces or to work at home by finding jobs online. The benefits of online commerce, from staying home with the kids to not wasting another cent on gas, appeal to many individuals and various ways to make money online are now popping up. Many online platforms require very few costs to start compared to building your own brick-and-mortar business. Check out these three different ways you can earn money online and bring in extra income into your household.

1. Affiliate Product Sales
Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to generate money online. Whether marketing e-Books or software, many companies and small business owners use affiliates to market their products and services for them. There are three general types of affiliate programs:

The merchant site will pay the affiliate marketer for every purchase made by customers who were referred to your product by the affiliate marketer.
The merchant pays the affiliate for every click on their link through the affiliate regardless of whether a customer buy something or not.
The affiliate will get paid for every visitor referred to by them who signs up to the merchant’s site.

These are the most common programs available, though there are many other arrangements that can be made. It is also possible to be an affiliate marketer without necessarily owning a website. For example, you can use YouTube to post videos about a product you’re marketing and include links to it.

2. Fiverr
Make money by offering Fiverr gigs to clients. Starting at $5.00 for a basic odd job, you can add various gigs at different prices for clients to choose from. From making silly videos to copywriting, there are countless ways to show your talent and skills through Fiverr gigs in exchange for money. There are a few different sites that allow you to perform gigs for money. one of which is GigSalad, a website dedicated to linking clients to entertainment specialists, from music to comedians. Clients can even hire reverends to marry couples on wedding days. This can be a great site for you if you fit the GigSalad profile.

3. Write an e-Book

The world of self-publishing has reached new heights online. A great benefit of self-publishing is that it does not require that the author have a website. Marketplaces exist that allow you to sell your e-Book, such as Amazon, Clickbank, and SmashWords. There are a variety of topics you can choose, from recipe books to learning a musical instrument, business to freelance, and more. Thrillers and mystery novels are the genres that are most in demand, so if you can write well in either of these two areas, you may find more success.

When considering making money online, be sure to research every marketplace and platform thoroughly before you dive in. Making money online might not be for everyone, so it’s important to research and test out the waters before making the big leap. Making money online also doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and effort, no differently from starting an offline business. From Internet marketing to SEO, there is much to learn about making money online, especially if you’re selling a product. If you’re considering freelancing or selling gigs, it’s important to know how to approach clients in job applications by outlining your skills well. With the appropriate knowledge and preparation, you may be able to quit your day job before too long!

Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet, a site dedicated to helping consumers find the best discount codes.