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Static Blocks in Magento Archive

Display Custom Static .phtml page from CMS backend In Magento

Sometime we want to load our custom .phtml page in Magento. In this post I am trying to describe how to load/display your custom .phtml file in Maganto through the CMS backend. It is very easy and

Display only the static blocks on the Category Page In Magento

Suppose you are working on the Custom theme integration into the Magento and some content pages are included into the main navigation and you want to display the content page on the clicks of the categories. In

Add a static block into Footer In Magento

If we want to remove the default magento footer links and wants to display your own footer, Magento provides the Static blocks, here we can add the text as well as the HTML also through the editor.

Creating and Displaying a static block in Magento

Static block functionality is the great way to display the different types of content/data in your Magento webstore. By using the static block functionality you can display the data on single as well as on the multiple