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Create a copy of a Database by using the phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is very powerful free tool written in PHP to handle the administration of the MySQL. It provides very good GUI to manage the databases, database operations like create, delete, alter databases as well as create, delete

Create MySQL database with SSH command

Database in MySQL can be created by using the phpmyadmin interface but some times if there is no installation of the phpmyadmin on the server but MySQL is there, then you can create the database by using

Set “date.timezone” option in php.ini

Today, I was trying to install the Zencart on my local system and getting this error "ERROR: date.timezone not set in php.ini. Please contact your hosting company to set the timezone in the server PHP configuration before

Difference between include() and require() functions In PHP

In my previous post I have described regarding the PHP file inclusion methods these are the include() Function, include_once() Function, require() Function and require_once() Function. In this post I am trying to describe the differences between the

File Inclusion In PHP

File inclusion in the PHP is one of the most usefull function, by which you can include the content of a PHP file into another PHP file before it is executed by the server. With file inclusion

Difference between PHP Session and Cookies

In my previous post I have described regarding the PHP Session and PHP Cookies,here In this post I am trying to define the main differences between the Session and Cookies. The differences are given below point wise:

Cookies In PHP

Cookies are invented to allow the webmasters to store the user information on the user's system, basically it is the concept to store the user name and password on the user's machine so that there is no

Session In PHP

Suppose you are working on the PHP application and you want to store the user information for the future use, Here we use the Session, Session is used to store the user information on the server for

GET and POST Methods In PHP

In PHP there is the two main important method is used to send the form data these methods are the 1. The GET Method 2. The POST Method

Password Encryption using md5() function In PHP

Suppose you are developing a login module with the user name and password and want to save the password into the database in the encrypted format, so that the login is more secure from the hackers. In