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How to Create Customer programatically in Magento?

Suppose you want to create the new customer via using the Code in Magento, its very easy and you can create the customer from the steps given below

How to move Magento Customer, Order and invoice from lower version to upper version

We have upgraded a Magento website from 1.8.0 to the Magento ver. and we have taken 2-3 days because website has a lot of the products and customer and it is making good amount of orders

Warning: Your Magento folder does not have sufficient write permissions

Today one of my team member was trying to install the extension in Magento via the Magento Connect Manager, and was getting this error message, you might also get this error while installing the extension via

How to Install Magento 2 Extension?

Suppose you have any extension and you want to install it in the Magento 2 it is very simple and you can install the extension just by following the Steps given below :

Magento 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x upgrade process by using the SSH.

There are many features added in the latest versions of the Magento, such as the responsive web design, making the site a perfect fit for mobile devices, Improved speed, performance, security and checkout process and may other

Index Management In Magento 2

As we know the indexing of the Magento plays very important role to run the Magento store properly. I have started working on the Magento 2 and Created one Sample product and just testing the whole functionality

How to install Magento 2.0?

Magento 2.0 is using the latest version of the PHP (PHP 5.5.x or 5.6.x), Apache 2.2 or 2.4 and the MySQL 5.6.x. For the installation of the Magento 2.0, it requires the latest stable version of the

Magento 2.0 System Requirements

As we all know that now Magento 2.0 is Officially Released with many new features. It is a configuration based MVC developed in PHP language. Magento is now using the most updated version of the PHP (PHP

Magento 2.0 is Now Available

Finally the wait has been over and Magento Team has announced the Magento 2 today Nov 17, 2015, Today Morning when I was checking the email I have received an email from the Magento Team regarding the

How to remove or hide breadcrumbs for CMS pages or for a particular page in Magento?

Magento is very feature rich ecommerce CMS, it is very good for the meadium to large size of the business, as the ecommerce plateform it gets very popular in very less amount of time. I am going